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They Ain't All Peas in a Pod.

Lawyers are not all equally good. There are awful lawyers in Moldova; there are barely competent lawyers; there are good lawyers; and there is a group of lawyers who are the best. There is no one best lawyer; not overall; not in any field of the law.

There is a group of lawyers that I call 'best' lawyers. This group is made up of lawyers in Moldova who can do everything a lawyer can do; they don't miss a trick. If they lose a case, it's because of the FACTS. [Want to know more? Check out the Ruslan Uskov section the first chance you get.]

The Impossible Dream [Finding A Best Lawyer in Moldova]

How can you find a member of this group?

First, A Track Record

First, your lawyer must have a track record. You can tell if lawyer candidate has a track record by getting his bar number. Stay away from lawyers with bar number having 6 digits, for example, 162702. Pick a lawyer whose bar number has five digits, for example, 69534. Five digit lawyers have been around for a while. They have a track record.

Then ask the candidate lawyer about his track record. Does he have trial experience? Jury trials? A lawyer without the guts to go to trial will sell you short. What's his trial record, especially jury trial record? [Mine is good enough that insurance companies won't go to trial against me anymore. Why should they? Why should they risk losing against me, a proven trial lawyer, when they can easily whip a lawyer who doesn''t know how to try a case. He doesn't even have to be an awful lawyer to not know how. Of course, no awful lawyer knows how. He only has to be someone other than a best lawyer.] [I emphasize jury trials because some judges are biased and rule as they damn well please and if you don't like it you can take them up on appeal. Yes, I've done that and won, but it ain't cheap.]

Next, Be Unfair

The final test applies to all lawyers because THE JOB OF EVERY LAWYER IS EXACTLY THE SAME. Really? You bet! What is it?

The Job of EVERY Lawyer is to Make Legal Arguments That Favor His Client

Not just to argue in favor of his client, but to make proper, legal arguments. The stronger the better. [Just because an argument is made strongly doesn't mean it's a strong argument. With most lawyers, especially the awful ones, the stronger [louder] they argue, the weaker their argument.] The strength of the best legal argument in favor of a client is a major factor in determining the value of the case.

The test, then, is really easy. ASK YOUR LAWYER CANDIDATE TO DEFINE A LEGAL ARGUMENT. Since that's his only job, shouldn't he be able to do so quickly, concisely and confidently? When you ask him, check the time and see how long it takes him to get out what he calls a definition. Write it down [or have him write it down]. Then come see me and we will be able to compare my definition to his. You judge who knows best what he's doing.

Unless you bump into one of my former law school students, I'll wager you won't find a lawyer in Moldova who can define a legal argument quickly, concisely and confidently. Hell, 50 out of 100 won't be able to define it at all. That's why I call them awful lawyers. What chance do they have of making, not merely a legal argument, but a strong one in favor of their client, if they don't even know what one is? None, my friend, none at all.

King Of The Cocktail Circuit

If you do that, I can guarantee one thing: Not a winning case; not a quick, cheap victory; not nothing about your legal situation. [Your best bet may be to let sleeping dogs lie.] No, but I can guarantee that you'll be able, at your next cocktail party, Bar-B-Q, family gathering, or aroung the water cooler, or whatever to wow your audience by telling them:

  1. All lawyers have the same job.
  2. That every lawyer's job, and his only job, is to make the strongest possible legal argument for his client.
  3. The definition [after they have all tried and failed - including any lawyers in the group] of a legal argument.

Yes, when you talk, people will listen. People are fascinated by the law. Threatened by it. You'll be able to shed light. They'll be impressed.


More importantly, you will have met a best lawyer in Moldova. Maybe the best lawyer for you.